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Welcome To Function1st - Your 1st Choice for Physical Therapy And Rehab 1

    What's the best way to choose your physical therapy provider?

    A: Pick the most convenient location
    B: Ask your doctor
    C: Look for a therapist with the specific experience and expertise that's best for your condition.

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Why Choose Function1st Physical Therapy? 2
  • Here are just 2 of the many reasons...

    Evidence-Based Practice, Comfort and Convenience

    Evidence-Based Practice-

    Function1st Physical Therapy uses the latest Evidence-Based practice following a demanding Standards of Care that creates the ultimate patient experience.

    Comfort and Convenience-

    The feeling in all the spacious Function1st facilities is warmth and comfort - you won't feel like your in an institutional setting because you are not. Function1st is a family owned practice that prides itself on personal relationships and community involvement.

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Industrial Rehabilitation / Work Injury And Prevention 3
  • Industrial Rehabilitation / Work Injury And Prevention

    Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    Whether it’s an auto, work, or personal injury, surviving an accident is traumatic enough without all the other complications such as managing your pain, dealing with your insurance company, lawyers, case managers, your employer, and doctors. At Function1st we do more than just treat your pain. We recognize how critical it is for you to have the best documentation available to make sure everyone is on the same page and you get no surprises. Every accident patient gets:

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Sport Injuries 4
  • Struggling To Keep Your Body Pain Free?

    Manual therapy should be part of most treatment plans.

    Pro athletes aren’t the only ones who have access to specially trained physical therapists.In fact, your Function1st PT provides the same hands-on manual therapy techniques proven to promote healing and reduce pain. Manual therapy treatment plans are covered by most insurance providers.

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Back & Neck Pain Treatment Options 5
  • 3 Steps To Surviving Back & Neck Pain

    Non-Surgical Treatments To Ease Your Pain

    No matter where you turn for advice on treatment for your back or neck problem, you’ll surely find one common denominator – lots of confusing information and conflicting opinions. Should you try acupuncture? When is it time for that last resort—surgery? It seems that everyone has an opinion that raises more questions than it answers, and even doctors will disagree about the best remedy...

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Massage Therapy 6
  • Massage Therapy

    A Key Treatment Component For Many Common Ailments

    Massage produces benefits far beyond feeling great during and immediately after a session. While this is certainly an excellent reason to have massage, the real strength of massage is in preventing illness and conditions before they develop. The greatest physiological change produced by massage therapy is the stimulation of the nervous system.

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5 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Physical Therapists 7
  • Physical Therapist Provider Selection Checklist

    Get The Right Therapists For You!

    Does the physical therapist subscribe to a Standards Of Care and Performance and collaborate directly with your physician? At Function1st, your therapists work as part of an extended team with your physician. Also, you shouldn’t get bounced around from therapist to therapist on each visit. Learn more about the five most important questions to ask before choosing your physical and occupational therapist.

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Standards Of Care 8
  • 4 Standards To Demand From Your Physical Therapy Provider

    Demand The Best From Your Therapists

    Many people don’t realize they can choose where to get their physical therapy. Choosing a physical therapy provider that sets high standards of performance can make the difference between the fastest possible recovery and a disappointing or frustrating experience. Industry standards of care for physical therapy simply meet the minimum acceptable criteria for quality of treatment and conduct, but Function1st is about more than maintaining minimum standards, and that’s why we have developed our own Standards Of Care & Performance.

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